FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


     Here is the answer to the most frequently asked questions. This FAQ will be updated if you have other questions.


     How do you spell "ChatMage" exactly? And why are there differences between-the name of the shop and the logo, the Facebook page and the name in the comments on the blog ...?

     ChatMage is written "ChatMage", connected writing with the "C" and "M" in capital letters. In some places, it is not possible to write a capital letter in the middle of a word attached (as it was the case on Facebook, for example, when I signed up to Facebook for the ChatMage's page).

     Why did you choose the name : "ChatMage"?

     The cat is the main character of ChatMage. He "walks" on all items. It was therefore natural that he is also in the name. A mage / wizard practice magic and these little felines practice it (they are magician, they do magic) innately bringing spontaneous joy, wonder, tenderness, elegance, beauty ... is it necessary to continue the list?

     Can we find ChatMage elsewhere than on the online store to follow his news?

     Yes, in addition to the online store, ChatMage is also present on platform Etsy. ChatMage also has a blog, a Facebook page, an Instagram account. 

     Some objects have a single design (like the tote bag). Will there be other items and / or other designs soon?

     I hope! I added new designs or new items as soon as possible. This is not a problem of ideas but budget! To be informed about news, please feel free to visit the shop regularly and follow ChatMage on the blog or social networks (Facebook, Instagram).

     Do you have an environmental process?

     Yes, I entrust the realization / production (printing) of ChatMage's items to companies that have an approach of respect for the planet. I also selected materials and techniques to use products that are designed to limit their environmental impact. I also carefully selected materials used for packaging orders. For more information, please refer to the "Environment" page of the online store, and blog post (in two parts and in French) on ChatMage and the environment available on the blog: Part I, Part II .

     Are items well protected when sending?

     All items are sent in rigid and cardboard envelopes to protect them during transport. They are wrapped in Kraft paper to prevent them being damaged each other. The tiems "breakable" (such as mirrors) are also bubble-wrapped.

     What is the delivery time ?

     Items are sent within one week following receipt of payment. Of course there is a maximum period and so far, orders have been sent before (usually the next day or the first working day that followed). The jewelry is customized, therefore please, you need to allow two to three days for the shipment of your order. We must naturally add to this period the delivery time by the Post Office. For more clarifications, you can read the section on delivery in the online store and the general terms and conditions.

     What are the payment methods available?

     You can pay by secure online payment service PayPal, bank transfer or check (been cleared in a metropolitan bank). All payments are made in euros. All information required for different payment methods are available in the general terms of sale and on the page of the online store entitled "Secure payment".

     Are the texts and illustrations on items of ChatMage written and drawn specifically for ChatMage?

     Yes, absolutely. The illustrations, sentences and texts are written and drawn specifically and only for ChatMage. You will not find them elsewhere! ChatMage is also a registered trademark and protected (this concerns the name and the cat of the drawing). The texts are also protected.

     Who is behind ChatMage and who created / founded ChatMage?  Who draws illustrations and written sentences and texts on the items of ChatMage?

     My name is Isabelle. I live and work in France, in Toulouse. In addition to sharing a collocation with ChatMage and his family ;) , I also live with three other cats.

     I created ChatMage. I draw the illustrations and write the texts you can find on the items and the texts (poems and short stories) present on the blog.

     On Facebook or on the blog, cat photos are published. Who are they ?

     The three cats that you see are Helios, Ignis and Mounie, the three cats with whom I live. These are also ChatMage columnists on the blog. For more informations about them, I give you an appointment on this page.

     Do you have questions about ChatMage? Feel free to ask them, I will answer with pleasure!

     See you very soon,

     Isabelle - ChatMage